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Transdermal medication delivery for cats and dogs is an innovative strategy to deliver meds to localized areas and to the bloodstream.  The medication is specifically formulated using special bases with skin penetration enhancers that aid in the absorption of the medication. Our Pharmacist; who is a Veterinary Pharmacist Specialist can help give professional advice on what is possible and what is not possible.  This transdermal application enables some medications to be easily absorbed into the blood stream without the animal or owner having any stress and anxiety in the process. In addition, because the medication bypasses the stomach and intestinal tracts, there is less possibility of G.I upset. Metered dose delivery systems are available to accurately measure the dose.
Although transdermal medications are an exceptional alternative for some veterinary drugs, not all medications can be transformed into a transdermal formulation. Talk with your veterinarian or our Pharmacist if a transdermal alternative is best for your animal.
Among the most attractive features in veterinary compounding is that pharmacists can turn almost any bad-tasting medication into a scrumptious, flavored treat that animals love. Pet medication can be flavored to taste like beef, liver, or even chicken.  If you have a feline, then the pharmacist can use flavorings like tuna, sardines, cod liver oil, or fish.
In certain instances, our dogs and cats struggle with a health conditions requiring several to be administered. Contact our Pharmacist to evaluate options.