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Cancer Prevention strategies

Estrogen is metabolized in the body in two major pathways and one minor pathway

Major pathway

1. 2-hydroxyestrone

2. 16 Hydroxyestrone

Minor Pathway: 4-hydroxyestrone

The preferred pathway is the 2-hydroxypathway due to the fact that it does not stimulate the cells to divide which typically can lead to DNA Damage and tumor growth. Through its ability to attach to available estrogen receptors, 2-hydroxyestrone exhibits a blocking action that prevents an overabundance of estrogen from over-controlling the cells. This has really been shown to have an anti-cancer effect.

On the other hand, the 16-hydroxyestrone metabolite is much more active with a very powerful  (but undesirable) stimulatory effect on the receptors. 16-HYDROXYESTRONE  binds to receptors in the cells that can has the potential to increase the rate of cell multiplication and DNA synthesis. There is therefore strong research to show that the strong estrogenic activity of the 16-hydroxyestrone increases the risk of break cancer significantly.

- 16-hydroxyestrone also permanently binds to the estrogen receptors while the 2-hydroxyestrone and others bind temporarily and the released

- Higher levels of 16-hydroxyestrone in cells have some strong association with obesity, hypothyroidism, Omega-6-fatty acid excess and production of inflammatory cytokines.

- Extensive endogenous and exogenous estrogen availability in the cells through the 16-hydroxypathway puts the patient at higher risk for breast cancer. 

Therefore lower 2:16 hydroxyestrone ratios are associated with a higher risk for breast cancer. On the other hand, the survival rate for breast cancer in women who already have breast cancer is higher in patients 

Diindolylmethane enables or produces changes in the way estrogen is metabolized. The metabolic pathway for estrogen is thought to contribute to the development of several cancers such as breast cancer. Supporters declare that taking in diindolylmethane can assist increase your defense against several types of cancer, in addition to promoting detoxification and assistance with weight reduction.