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Low dose naltrexone, or LDN, has been shown to boost dopamine levels in the brain. Researchers have determined via clinical studies that when an individual has low dopamine levels, they can to be susceptible to overeating. LDN can help reverse low dopamine's effects by improving your mood as well as breaking the cycle of sugar as well as carb food cravings.

By working to activate increases in serotonin as well as increasing the dopamine levels in the brain, LDN treatment helps balance hormone levels in the body and helping minimize active hunger and food cravings. 

Low dosage naltrexone can help stabilize the emotional hormones in your body, thereby lowering our desire to snack out of stress and anxiety. Additionally, It may also help curb food cravings through an appetite-suppressant effect that helps us feel full for longer periods of time. 

Low dose Naltrexone has been shown to modulates Appetite, Increase Growth Hormone in Certain patients and most importantly acts as an Anti-Inflammatory Agent. Inflammation has often been associated with the following in humans:

Decreased T4 to T3 conversion which often leads to a resistant thyroid with its lots of complications.

  • Inflammatory conditions often lead to increased insulin resistance. With insulin resistance, we often have weight gain issues.
  • Inflammation has also been shown to lower testosterone levels and an increase in the level of the aromatase which often leads to higher estrogen levels.
  • Inflammation has also been associated with an increase in leptin levels which leads to weight gain and obesity in a few individuals. 
  • Inflammation also causes an increase in appetite with higher levels of inflammatory markers causing several changes in hormones which leads to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight.