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Integrative and Functional Medicine Coaching

Functional and Integrative Medicine is the future of traditional medicine (conventional medicine). It seeks to recognize and identify the root cause of every disease by seeing the body as a complete integrated system and not a collection of independent organs split up by complicated and often cumbersome medical specialties. Integrative and Functional medicine deals with the whole system, not just a couple of isolated symptoms.

Functional medicine involves analysis of chronic diseases and trying to create a link between such diseases, diet, exercise, mineral and nutritional deficiencies and many other issues. Hormone balance using bio-identical hormones (not synthetic) is part of functional medicine strategies.

With Functional and Integrative medicine, there is a strong focus on patient-centered care. There is emphasis on wellness as a positive vigor, past simply the absence of a diseased condition. By paying attention to the client and also discovering his/her story, the practitioner brings the patient into the exploration procedure and tailors treatments that address the individual's unique needs. The unique genetic makeup of each patient is taken into consideration, along with both interior (mind, body, as well as spirit) and exterior (physical and also social characteristics of each patient such as supplements, medications, therapeutic diet regimens, detoxification programs, or stress-management methods.

While conventional medicine does a fantastic job at treating severe and often emergency situation with most patients, we have identified that chronic diseases are better managed using functional and integrative medicine strategies. Despite its appeal to most chronic disease enthusiasts, functional medicine is frequently slammed for its use of clinical evidence as opposed to research-based evidence.

Conventional consultations focuses on symptoms, disregards underlying causes. Our conventional medical system emerged from a system of identifying and treating acute illnesses. The problem is that when most patients are sick, it's no longer the acute complaints that take them to the emergency room; it’s the chronic problem or complications. Chronic conditions are on the rise and therefore it is crucial that we identify and treat the root cause of every condition. Oftentimes, this calls for more than a 15-minute appointment.

Comprehensive medical histories, lab work, and also a wide understanding of the body as well as its metabolic procedures are required. When we identify the root cause, there's a better possibility of turning around or eliminating the condition completely. The capacity of functional medicine practitioner to be able to take a critical look beyond the signs and symptoms is what makes this branch of medicine unique. I believe everybody needs to have access to custom medications especially through compounding pharmacies.

At Pharmaprodia, we have a Board certified anti-aging health practitioner Diplomate who also has a fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic and Functional Medicine. He is working on a Master’s Degree in Integrative Medicine (Expected May 2019). With these qualifications, I am sure we can help our patients get the best possible treatment with the least available resources possible. Call us today to schedule a one on one appointment with our Integrative Medicine Functional Medicine Pharmacist.