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Bio-identical Estradiol is a sex hormone and steroid. Estradiol; most commonly abbreviated E2 is the most active estrogen in the human body. It is produced generally in the ovary, however the brain, fat tissues, immune system cells, and bones can also produce estradiol [R]. Estradiol is 12 times stronger than E1 Estriol and 80 times stronger than 43 Estrone. Higher levels of E2 are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Monitoring and periodic evaluation for hormone levels in Hormone Replacement patients is a must.

Estradiol is produced from Testosterone and progesterone, which also perform several different functions in the body. Estradiol levels are highest at birth, and slowly decline as we age. Estradiol is very important for female development because it is the primary source of estrogen. It drives the development of the secondary sex characteristics

Estradiol Assists with Male Reproductive Function. Males also have a need for estradiol for their sexual needs as it plays a role in erection, sperm development and improved sexual drive and libido.

Estradiol also has a profound role in brain function. Estradiol has neuroprotective functions in the  cortex, hippocampus, basal forebrain, and striatum.

Estradiol helps control dopamine levels in the brain. By controlling dopamine, estradiol can control inspiration, particularly sexual motivation.

Weight management: In women, estradiol also plays a role in managing hunger, energy use, body weight, and fat distribution. Different human studies showed that estradiol had a controlling impact on meal size and fullness. Post-menopausal women with lower estrogen levels put on weight, but those who had hormone treatment did not. 

Estradiol Supports Bone development. Estrogen is needed for sufficient bone growth and joints.

Post-menopausal ladies with both early and late types of osteoporosis have estrogen deficiency. Estrogen deficiency also contributes to the advancement of osteoporosis in elderly guys.

Estrogen plays a big role in skin health. There are numerous estrogen receptors on the skin. Estrogen is important for skin strength, thickness, and even hair development. Estrogen also helps with wound healing.  A review showed that lower estrogen levels can impair cytokine signaling, which causes excess inflammation and can avoid our ability to correct wound healing.

Studies show that During menopause, the skin develops more wrinkles and loses its strength and firmness. Skin collagen also decreases and progresses throughout menopause. 

High Estradiol Levels Enhance Brain Function. High Estradiol May Increase the Danger of Cancer. Estrogen may trigger specific cancer-causing genes (BRCA1, BRCA2, etc.), which increases our exposure to breast and endometrial cancer. 

Low Estradiol Is Associated with Increased Heart Disease. After menopause, women's estradiol levels might reduce by around 75 to 90%. It is possible that increased age and low estrogen levels contribute to poor heart health.

Richard Nkwenti; R.Ph; Board Certified Anti aging Health Practitioner and a Fellow in Anti Aging, Metabolic & Functional Medicine.


According to ZRT laboratory, Estrogen dominance occurs when there is an excess of estrogen with an inadequate progesterone levels. This occurs in women during the reproductive years, but tends to be more predominant for women during perimenopause and in menopause. Estrogen dominance is worsened by women not ovulating, women being exposed to synthetic estrogens and/or women not metabolizing estrogens correctly.

During Estrogen Dominance the  following signs are common.  All of these symptoms are worsened by stress. Many females in their thirties and early forties discover that they experience moderate to extreme symptoms of estrogen dominance as they approach perimenopause.

Symptoms of estrogen dominance includ:

Reduced libido.

Irregular or otherwise irregular menstrual cycle.


Breast swelling and tenderness.

Fibrocystic breasts.


Mood swings.

Weight gain especially around the abdominal area and hips.

Cold hands and feet (a symptom of thyroid dysfunction).

Loss of hair.

Thyroid dysfunction.

Slow metabolism.

Foggy thinking, memory loss.


Trouble sleeping/insomnia.


Testing for Estrogen dominance is crucial Because hormones work together to create a balanced internal milieu, it makes sense to test all of the following to help determine estrogen dominance:

•               Estradiol (E2) the most potent of the estrogens.

•               Progesterone .

•               Testosterone.

•               DHEAS.

•               Cortisol (stress hormones, for adrenal function).

•               Thyroid Profile' (TSH, T3, T4, TPO Antibodies for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis).

At Pharmaprodia, We can formulate and compound Several combination creams in Capsules, Transdermal creams (preferred) at various ratios), sustained released Progesterone capsules ETC. Testing, (Preferably via saliva) is crucial to initiate and monitor therapy. For questions, Please call Pharmaprodia Compounding Pharmacy and talk to our Hormone Replacement Pharmacist specialist for guidance and recommendations.