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Bio-identical Replacement Hormone Compounding

As a Compounding Pharmacy with an ability to formulate several different Bio-identical Hormones on a daily basis, we always have patients asking us how replacing hormones with bio-identical hormones differs from other synthetic hormones offered by pharmaceutical companies. How different are bio-identical hormones to synthetic hormones? BHRT uses hormones with the same chemical structure and function as the hormones we were born with. This fits appropriately to the hormone receptors in our bodies and helps calm the storm by restoring hormone levels to youthful levels. This is a crucial difference and offers a vital distinction between synthetic hormones.  Many synthetic hormones are not an excellent match in the tissues in our body and this can generate abnormal metabolites that can cause side effects that raises the danger cancer in breast tissues and other cancer tissues. BHRT dosing is customization, meaning the dose varies based on symptoms and saliva or blood levels. Saliva testing for monitoring therapy is very important. Blood levels are often unpredictable to monitor hormone replacement practices especially when such therapy is given through the transdermal route; which is currently the most trusted and most useful route for Testosterone and estrogen administration. When dosed and monitored according to guidelines with periodic testing done to ascertain levels, BHRT has a very good to excellent safety profile compared to synthetic hormones.

Unlike synthetic progesterone, called progestins, which has been found to enhance the danger of breast cancer, the use of all-natural (bio-identical) from wild yam, soy and other natural sources does not increase breast cancer cells threat as reported through several different studies. Multiple studies have also shown that the breast cancer danger normally related to hormone therapy is not seen if women choose bio-identical hormones.

If you are perimenopausal, menopausal, or andropausal,  BHRT provides several benefits from hot flashes, weight gain, sex drive, energy levels and helps in the reduction of  reducing irritation, sleep problems, and also lapse of memory. Hormone optimization helps us return hormonal agents to their clinically ideal levels and also decreases the danger of heart attacks, elevated cholesterol levels, weak bones and increase in insulin sensitivity.

Men and women start losing testosterone at around age 30. For men, signs of low testosterone include, 
Low sex drive, Difficulty with erection, Low semen volume, Hair loss, Fatigue, Loss of muscle mass, Increased body fat, Decreased bone mass etc. For women, the most common signs of low testosterone are sluggishness, muscle weakness, fatigue, reduced sex drive, reduced ability to get sexual satisfaction, weight gain and possibly fertility issues as well. Although women have only one-tenth the level of testosterone compared to men, it still plays a significant and crucial role in a woman’s libido and wellness. Till date, there is no available Commercially available Testosterone replacement solely for women, and as such it must be compounded from a compounding pharmacy. One size does not fit all. Dosage titration on a month to month basis is often recommended with periodic saliva monitoring.  

Optimizing Testosterone levels has been shown to decrease cholesterol and also to protect   the brain against unhealthy protein deposits that cause Alzheimer's disease. Due to the fact that a woman’s risk for Alzheimer increases considerably after menopause, BHRT is additionally an outstanding treatment for prevention of these diseases. Recent findings published in the journal of Neurology states that women to start BHRT within five years of menopause were approximately 30 percent less likely to get Alzheimer's disease than the contrary. There is an almost immediate impact on quality of life, for those who start BHRT especially with their sex life and energy. There is certainly a good chance that it will help weight management, boost on metabolism and an increased ability to perform especially for athletes.