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Posted by Pharmaprodia on 05/13/2018

Carnosine; One supplement, many uses. An anti aging molecule

Carnosine; One supplement, many uses. An anti aging molecule


While studies are still being conducted on the medical benefits of Carnosine, the preliminary results are nothing less than astounding. Since Carnosine is found naturally in the brains and muscles of humans, the supplements have no negative reaction to other prescription and over-the-counter drugsInstead, case studies have only highlighted how carnosine: the multi-active healer has the potential to slow down the aging process, help patients with dementia and Alzheimer's, children with autism and other debilitating diseases.

Carnosine is an excellent antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and destroys free radicals that contribute to the aging process and help you live longer and have a better quality of life. In fact, people are born with higher concentrations of carnosine in their bodies. The brain, and other muscles and nerve cells, stores this health related combination of two important amino acids.

The duo acts as an immune buster and cell rejuvenator, to keep the body strong and healthy. Naturally, if your body has the ability to fight off disease and illness, you will live longer. Unfortunately, as human beings age, the natural stores of Carnosine decrease. Thus, sickness and other aging related issues also increase.

For example, as we age, our skin loses elasticity, causing the skin to sag, wrinkle, and look older. The muscles begin to lose functionality, resulting in greater inactivity. While the process may be the natural result of our added years, Carnosine can help individuals live longer and more productive lives. You see, although the body is meant to last approximately 120 years, most people do not live beyond their 80's. Carnosine acts as an anti-aging medicine, with the potential to change those statistics.

However, Carnosine's potential goes far beyond an anti-aging supplement, it is also being tested as a combatant against dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Getting old is bad enough, but to lose cognitive abilities makes living almost torture for the individual and their family members.

Health benefits of Carnosine

The following listed below are some of the health benefits you can get from Carnosine;

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies have shown that this antioxidant molecule is able to reduce oxidative stress in neural pathways and lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

  • Autism

carnosine dosage may be high, but the effects on the nervous system may be measurable for families of autistic patients.

  • Contaracts 

Carnosine as an antioxidant substance are critical to the signs of aging, including the onset of macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts.

  • Digestive system

This molecule directly associates certain antibacterial functions in the gut, especially in the context of Helicobacter pylori, a common bacterial attack on the digestive system.

  • Skin care 

It is known that carnosine affects the appearance of the skin too quickly through its antioxidant activity, minimizes the effects of free radicals, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and helps reduce scar, ambiguity and defect. older

  • Joint support

Carnosine is also anti-inflammatory and is commonly administered for people with diabetes and other chronic inflammatory diseases such as headache, migraine, gout, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

  • Diabetes

This molecule can improve the body's ability to regulate blood sugar and insulin by reducing the production speed of advanced glycan end products, which is good news for diabetic patients.

  • Body building

Carnosinee contains beta-alanine, which iis commonly known and used among bodybuilding because it has the ability to improve and enhance stamina and boost muscle growth and the development of muscle. As a result of this, carnosine is often used by professional athletes and weightlifters.

  • Eye Health

Another health benefit of L-carnosine is because it support eye diseases. Carnosine is seen and occurs naturally in eye tissue, but always decreases with age. L-carnosine eye drops have been shown to be effective against mature and primary senile cataracts.

  • Heart health

L-carnosine is also important in keeping the heart healthy. It helps strengthen heart tissue muscle and it plays a role in activating enzymes that are responsible for producing muscle contraction.

Carnosine Side Effects

There are some known side effects of carnosine supplements, including problems with low blood pressure and pregnancy complications.

  • Blood pressure: It is known that this dipeptide molecule lowers blood pressure and protects cardiovascular health, but it can lead to dangerous hypotension.
  • Pregnancy: Due to the lack of research and the stimulating effect that this compound can have on the body, pregnant and nursing women are advised to avoid this supplementation.

Where can you get additional L-carnosine?

A diet rich in meat, poultry, and fish is likely to give you L-carnosine that you need. Another source of L-carnosine is through dietary supplements. There are multivitamin supplements that contain L-carnosine aside from the usual vitamins and minerals and also has herbal extracts, amino acids, and other special nutrients. This is based on the belief that this will enhance the overall effect of L-carnosine on the body. Of course, other nutrients are needed by the body too in order to function properly. The most important thing to remember is that the supplement should be made from all natural ingredients and not with synthetic materials, binders, or fillers to ensure maximum absorption and utilization by the body.

Carnosine Dosage

Recommended dosage for carnosine in a day depends on how you use it i.e the usage of carnosine. Up to 400 milligrams delivered twice daily may be needed for the treatment of autism, while smaller daily doses of only 50 milligrams may be recommended for other conditions. Talk to your doctor about specific dosage levels based on your health needs.

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