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Posted by Pharmaprodia on 05/14/2018

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Benefits of green tea

Green tea is so widespread nowadays that it's impossible to run into one who isn't a regular drinker. And fact is it's not just a simple lifestyle product. Green tea is now widely available in a number of ways, from various extracts to more commercial products like those from the Lipton brand. So for us non-tea drinkers, should we make a lifestyle "change"?

For one, it's proven itself to be a reliable antioxidant. And if you know the importance of antioxidants in its role in a healthier aging process, you know that this isn't just a fancy term to be bandied around. Other than that, studies are already available linking green tea to faster metabolism, tooth decay prevention, improves blood circulation (thus preventing related cardiovascular diseases in the future), faster wound healing, and lowers the risk for carcinoma such as esophageal cancer.

Green tea has been used by the Chinese for treating minor headaches to much larger matters such as preventing cancer. Many health studies highlight the facets and benefits of green tea. Studies have also indicated that the antioxidant concentration of tea, such as EGCG, helps minimize cell damage that can lead to cancer. EGCG is considered to be the most active component in green tea and is the best researched polyphenol in green tea. Researchers have discovered that EGCG, the anti-cancer compound in green tea, works in a similar way to an anti-cancer drug methotrexate. Both work by blocking the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase, which is essential to the growth of tumour cells. However, the benefit of EGCG over methotrexate is that it has far fewer side effects.

What are the benefits from green tea that can affect your life? The following listed below are the major benefits of green tea that may substantially change your life.

  • Weight Loss

The high concentration of polyphenols in green tea helps to oxidize fat and encourage thermogenesis. Thermogenesis in the body is the rate which the body burns calories. Green tea produces an increase in energy that increases your metabolism, so you lose more weight than normal. As a morning beverage, green tea has a small amount of calories compared to most other drinks Americans take in the morning. Coffee as a drink for most people results in a higher amount of daily calories compared to green tea when taken early in the morning as a beverage. substituting green tea with a cup of Joe will make a big difference in the size of your waist.

  • Cancer prevention

The antioxidants in green tea eliminate the free radicals that plague the body. These free radicals cause aging and cancer. Green Tea Polyphenols are constantly searching for free radicals and preventing the formation of unstable oxygen molecules in a process known as oxidation. This oxidation damages the healthy cells of the body and has been linked to diseases such as cancer, heart disease and even strokes. The green tea polyphenols prevent the birth of abnormal cells, inflammation and destroy most carcinogenic substances.

  • Healthy teeth

Green tea contains an ingredient called fluoride which are essential for cleaning the tooth. Fluoride is important to the teeth because it kills bacteria that are present in the mouth that could cause plaque. In addition, fluoride helps keep teeth healthy and free of decay. This helps in preventing tooth decay in the mouth. This can not be about coffee staining teeth with an ugly yellowish hue. The oral health of the teeth can be greatly improved by the consumption of green tea.

  • Lowers cholesterol

Green tea can be a potential solution for anyone with high cholesterol. Heart attacks are one of the common problems with bad cholesterol. Drinking green tea could reduce this high risk. Green tea reduces the level of bad cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and prevents the appearance of blood clots in the body. LDL cholesterol flows through the liver and cells form strong deposits in the arterial walls. The catechins in green tea help to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol. In addition, catechins help maintain a good ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol by improving the overall health of the body.

  • Reduction of high blood pressure -

Another benefit associated with green tea consumption is the reduction of high blood pressure.The green tea is able to repress the angiotensin II, which is something that often constricts the blood vessels in the body. This is what causes the high blood pressure, so the green tea can help to get rid of this problem.

  • Stimulates the Metabolism – 

The metabolism of the body is stimulated by the green tea, which is another of the great benefits of green tea. This helps the body to be able to burn even more calories, aiding with weight loss. Along with a healthy diet it can really be beneficial with weight loss and maintenance.

  • Protects Against Harmful UV Rays

Not only can tea help a body recover from the effects of radiation, it can protect it from UV rays too. There are many studies that have shown it to be effective in preventing skin damage caused by being out in the sun. Again it's the catechins that are doing the most good. The type of catechins found in green tea that provide sun protection are known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

  • Boosts Brain Health

Science Daily reports that scientists are finding evidence that "green tea extract enhances the cognitive functions, in particular the working memory. The results show promising clinical implications for the treatment of cognitive impairment in psychiatric disorders such as dementia. "In addition, this tea is believed to help prevent other neurological diseases, such as Alzheimer's, and green tea polyphenols are said to enhance learning and memory.

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